healing Lyme update

progress update 💚

i am sharing a quick post as I have not been able to blog recently because of time constraints. i am still here and will get back to blogging as soon as I can!
I found out I was positive for lyme in May. in mid June I started the detox diet and at the end of June I started treatment using the buhner protocol.

I noticed a big improvement with diet changes almost immediately. I had less inflammation and pain. this lasted a few days and then I resumed my usual lyme ailments. I had the same burst of well being as I began the lb protocol. as soon as I up-dosed to the full protocol I end up with an increase of symptoms: headaches, neck/back aches, tight jaw, weak legs, tingling in the arms, pure exhaustion, and horrible stomach pain. all of this makes it hard to function and then I skip doses and meals.

epsom salt baths help with the muscular/joint pain and somewhat relieve the headaches. they haven’t helped my stomach. it flares up every time I get up to the recommended dose. I don’t know if these are herx reactions or if the full dose of herbs are too much for my body.

the buhner healing Lyme and co group on fb says I shouldn’t be herxing and my dose is probably too high. I am dropping the dose down permanently in hopes of getting that burst of well being I experienced when I began the protocol.

i begin infrared treatments next week and my husband and I are considering ozone treatments. all of this is hard. we’ve got two in diapers, one starting preschool, and the other starting kindergarten at private school. I want lyme to be gone. the hiccups in treatment are getting annoying. the cost. LDN hasn’t helped anything, yet. the extra attention on food and taking pills is frustrating. everything takes so long. I know slow and steady wins with Lyme, but I’m getting impatient. I want to feel better.

my husband took this picture last night, we took our kids downtown to see a band (classical blast: cool band btw) I probably looked happy and healthy to others, but I wasn’t. my stomach was tore up, head pounding, neck killing and legs exhausted. 

it’s true, this is an invisible illness.

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I have been diagnosed with various chronic illnesses. I am on a holistic journey of healing with whole foods and herbs. Stay tuned as i revive my health and the health of my family.

2 thoughts on “healing Lyme update

    1. oh gosh, I hope to be in remission within a year. I am praying for that. I know it is wishful thinking, but I want it to be gone! thank you for your prayers. I am praying for you too.


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