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I have not been here in a long while and many things have happened. The most important thing that has happened since i last posted, which was in August is that i have begun to heal. My body is waking up, my heart is reviving, and my spirit has life again.

I do want to share about how that has occurred and I plan to as soon as I am able. I am currently enrolled in holistic nutrition school and will be sharing that with all of you.

Be on the look out for updates coming soon! Thanks for reading and for your patience.


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I have been diagnosed with various chronic illnesses. I am on a holistic journey of healing with whole foods and herbs. Stay tuned as i revive my health and the health of my family.

One thought on “under construction 

  1. I just discovered your Instagram and website. I need to take the same journey for my own health issues. I am an intelligent person, i even work in healthcare yet I can not seem to break the bond that sugar, caffeine and processed foods has over me. There are so many self help books, guru’s diets and on and on. It is all so overwhelming. I liked your story. I know about Lyme disease and the effects it has on the body. Your story was so genuine and I felt such sincerity from you that I was compelled to reach out to you. I want to be a better me. How do that? No gimmicks no hocus pocus. Thank you so much for hearing me out.

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